Tape Slitting Services


Why Choose Us?



Wide Variety of Materials

We cut a variety of materials to meet your specific needs

No Tooling

Many Roll Diameters

We cut all types of products with roll diameters 500mm & 1600mm wide


Cut any Width

Cut any nominated widths, customised to your requirements


Quick Turn Around

High-speed cutting allows us to deliver your order fast




Dense Rubber

We can cut Very High Bond (VHB) double-faced foam tape and dense rubber

No Tooling

No Standard Widths

You will no longer have to work to standard widths


Knife Cutting Technology

Latest single knife slitting technology


High Accuracy

High accuracy, high-quality precision cutting




Our Service
Our tape and rubber slitting service allows us to cut materials to suit your specific needs. We can cut all types of products with roll diameters up to 500mm and 1600mm wide. Watch the video below to see our slitting machine in action.