External Truck rear door cam-kits BIG 6 Ø22

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Stainless steel

  • Stainless steel external door gear Kit BIG 6 Ø22.
  • Exterior locks are opening/closing devices installed on the outside of a door because they extend beyond the door surface.
  • They are normally used on rear doors.
  • Exterior locks consist of various elements: LATCH PAWLS AND STRIKERS, HANDLES OR LEVERS, ROD KEEPERS, ROD. • LATCH PAWLS AND STRIKERS – This mechanism causes the rod to rotate and overcome seal friction to push the door slightly ajar or pull it close.
  • HANDLES AND LEVERS – They cause the rod to rotate and operate the latches. Handles require no additional components, whereas levers must be supplemented with a stop and a fastener, available as a kit. • ROD KEEPERS – They keep the rod in the correct position during rotation and act as end stops for the anti-rack washers. Our keepers feature nylon bushings for smoother rod rotation and perfect rod alignment • RODS – Exterior locks are grouped by rod diameter. Available sizes are Ø 16, 22 and 27.


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