Duct wrap Aluminum Foil




10mm ductwrap polyethylene adhesive black foilface

Ductwrap is designed to insulate air conditioning ductwork, it is extremely user friendly and completely safe to handle ensuring installation is relatively simple. Ductwrap consists of a low density, closed cell polyethylene foam, faced with aluminium foil. With Adhesive option.


Thickness Width* Roll Length (nominal)
5mm 1m 50m
10mm 1m 25m
15mm 1m 25m
20mm 1m 25m
  • Completely free from all synthetic mineral fibres (SMFs) and therefore no special clothing or respirators are required.
  • User friendly and completely safe to handle.
  • Because the closed cell structure is impervious to moisture, no standing time is required for drying product prior to use.
  • Ductwrap may be applied around the ductwork on site, or pre-fabricated and transported to the site. It is easy to handle and transport without damage, reducing potential costly repairs to the product once installed on site.
  • Deadens and absorbs airborne noise.
  • Ductwrap is economical, as there is low wastage due to the variety of sizes available to suit all applications.

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